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The Circularity of Algorithms

Facebook, is a lot like many of today’s largest technology companies, insofar as, it is fond of using “algorithms” as a way to quickly explain the products that shape the very core of our lives. There are algorithms for just about what ever data point you are trying to produce or reach. For instance there is an algorithm that determines the news you see on good and Facebook, sorting your news feeds on Twitter and Instagram, tagging your photos on Flickr, matching employers with job candidates on LinkedIn and determining the ads that trail you around the internet.

eeeAt the start of this week, you probably have never heard of the man bringing this to the fore in a new way that Tom Stocky is. If you have, it was probably because you were into the industry news about search engines.

On Monday night, it was announced that Stocky was briefly forced into the spotlight in order to ease a potential outcry over whether he and the even less prominent members of his team have ever made it.

“My team is responsible for Trending Topics, and I want to address today’s report alleging that Facebook contractors manipulate Trending Topics to suppress stories of interest to conservatives” Stocky suggests.

Although this is what he suggested, it leaves many wondering if it is really the case. and even if they are not directly manipulating what trends, it still seems susceptible to manipulation in many ways. Consider, what happens when you see something trending, they usually follow very similar routes to your computer, and the same kind of stories always get pegged as trending worth. That said, it would follow that there are rules one could follow in order to trend, and that they can be controlled in some sense. The landscape of Facebook is changing everyday. 

We are constantly increasing seeing ourselves in a world that is dictated by algorithms, buy we know very little about them and the safe guards in place to protect against them and their worst qualities against them. The thing is that most people don’t want to be exposed to any algorithm that determines the news or content they see. The reason being, is that once you are in a bubble it only snowballs to where you are getting this diluted sense of reality and are forced to see only what the algorithm determines is worth seeing. 32

Consider what we think about when we consider the internet. We often see it as this all open all inclusive window into the world and how it really operates and looks. The reality is that what you see is what you have already seen in some sense. Thus when you search for something you are not so much do research on it as you are having your idea reinforced. Essentially what was created to be the means for the most objective thing in the history of mankind, is quickly becoming a self illusion tool that keeps you looking at your own paradigm and not steeping outside of it to see what others actually say.

Web Hostings are happening business right now!

Blocking and hiring the website according to the needs and nature of the business type for which the website is being created is called web hosting. When web hosting is done properly, then the website would be ready for online users to access. Creating a website shouldn’t be a problem at once in this current generation. Earlier days when a website needs to be created, entrepreneur would be expected to hire a web hosting professional who would take care of entire things and therefore, the job will be done at last manually.

hosting1However, these days hundreds and thousands of websites are being designed every day. As an online user, you can experience this when you look at the internet sources. The first step of web hosting is to book your domain from the common server with required amount of fee being paid. After booking your domain with desired web address, you can actually start designing your website accordingly through web hosting professions. Web hostings are actually happening business due to increased number of online stores. There are many companies available online global wide for providing services under web hosting. There are even few chances for getting second hand websites which can be modified according to the choice and needs of the current owner. This service is commonly referred as reseller hosting service.

Web hosting working protocol

There are few things which need to be considered while creating a website that include making unique contents, images and videos to promote the website well. Don’t you ever wonder why we need to create a unique content but why not maintain a same content for similar businesses? Well, I can explain why. For instance, if you have a big family with 10 children who are alike in look and behaviours, then how will you identify each one of them?

Maybe the names of these children might make you understand the difference. The same thing is applicable for online business also. There might be thousands of websites available for textile online store. However, if all of them are alike in terms of contents, pictures and quality; how will all be benefitted? Random sales might happen which will end up in meeting the loss by other stores. Competitive spirit is very much interested in making every website more attractive and of high profile with unique contents and images. There are some basic features which need to be includes under web hosting. These include the following:

• Unique content development for the website including text, images, videos, animations, testimonials, etc.
• Booking of right disk space within the server. This is actually described in terms of megabytes.
• Booking of right bandwidth suitable for a business unit.
• Determination of good uptime. This is again dependent on the type of business related to the website.
• Programming languages. Choice of good programming language for writing the script of the website is very important.
• Proper linkage for customer support like live chat platform, phone conversation and email communication should be well maintained, etc.

hosting2Looking into all the above features, web hostings professionals can excel in their career bringing more success to the world of online business.