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Technology at a Glance

The strangest and most definitive aspect of mankind is likely our aptitude for creating technology. Animals that do not use tools may see things only as they are, but we humans, along with apes and some other animals who have been found to use tools, can behold an object and see not only what it is, but what it could be.

stock photoThis proficiency in technology is likely responsible for our evolution thus far; our physical weakness and lack of strong senses would have condemned us to extinction were our brains not mutated successfully for technological capabilities. That said, we’ve come so far past the point of needing technology to survive day to day that we now need to revise technology to survive from generation to generation.

Unfortunately for we millennials, the baby boomers and those that came before them birthed us into a half baked world scarred by our species’ beginning attempt at industrialization and threatened by the oncoming second and third round of this process. We are over populated and have created bombs that could not only wipe out entire cities, but could do such environmental damage as to ruin ecosystems and the atmosphere to the point that way may cause some species-wide extinctions, including our own. Efforts to recognize and combat global warming are slow-coming and increasingly late. The tipping point is upon us.

So how do we handle this time in history? In a world of ever-increasing distracting temptations and entirely new arenas of virtual life and consumerism, it looks as if technology may act as an obstacle to fixing the problem which it itself caused. That said, there may be no other way to combat climate change and what could be the extinction of our species than to use that very technological mindset that saved us from beastly predators those many years ago; just this time, we’ll need it to save us from ourselves.

technologyNew electrical cars and clean-energy initiatives are surely promising. The rise of the first sexy electric car, the Tesla, seems to connote an attractive and consumer-friendly (as opposed to hippie-friendly) method of fueling the environmental revolution to which we all must contribute in order to survive. Unfortunately for the hippies, their righteous gobbledy gook will turn off the most important and influential listeners and the language of their message will detract from their cause. Musk understood that in order for environmentalism to rise to the mainstream it must harness the energy of the mainstream, that is to say, harness the ideals principal to capitalism and consumerism. At least, that’s likely how it must be done if changes are to be made today.

Changes to be made in five or ten years may need to ascribe to a totally different format; perhaps political action today will allow for environmentalism to take a different form tomorrow. The rise of Bernie Sanders and the angry liberals no longer supportive of a system which caters to the richest and least moral of the country may cause energy debates to be played to a different tune.