Data Recovery: It’s all because of a loss- of data

The data recovery takes a bit of a serious ramification of it as it is also used in the context of forensic applications, which are related to crime scenarios, and also for the espionage purposes. In an espionage scenario, the data that has to be read or deciphered is hidden in an unknown manner that has to be practically decrypted using various tools. So, even though the data is not damaged or lost, the data recovery process has to follow in its wider implications.

A bit of tweaking here and there required as per the variety of the situation been thrown into in terms of data corruption and the data recovery matter.

Data Recovery Software is the key

As the computer expert lays the stage to get the data recovery process rolling after undergoing the four phases, it is now the onus of the data recovery software to take on the mantle. Until the damage is not of the hardware types that is, no replacement or technical repairing of a hardware part is required, these recovery software is the answer. The very many of them available are:

  1. Bootable: Now, data recovery cannot be only done while the system, Network is still running. So the boot disk, Live CD, or, a Live USB could be used for the needful. Few of them are:
  2. Back track: This is a popular one, as it is also used in the forensic matters. It is a Live CD and avoids tampering the disks.
  3. BartPE:It is a variant of Microsoft Windows XP, albeit the lighter version of it. It can be used in a 32 bit Operating System.
  4. Boot Repair Disk: t is a single click solution for the Linux-based or the Microsoft Windows type Network.
  5. Data Resce3: It is a bootable Mac OS X recovery in a DVD form. It is manufactured by Prosoft Engineering Company and support HFS and HFS+ type of file systems.


  1. Consistency Checkers: CHKDSK: It is for the DOS and Windows systems. Not forgetting the old as we tread to newer waters! The few types known are:
  2. Disk First aid: This is a Disk Consistency Checker for the Mac OS 9 version.
  3. Disk utility: This is the CHKDSK for Mac OS X.
  4. File Recovery: These are CD Rollers types. Few of the types are:
  5. Data Recovery wizard: This is Manufactured by EaseUS. It is used for the recovery of files in a Microsoft Widows environment.
  6. Data Resce PC3: It is a data Recovery utility by Prosoft Engineering.. It is for recovery of files in FAT and NTFS file systems.
  7. Forensics: The various types are:
  8. Encase: A forensic tool by Guidance Software. It is used for imaging and and analyzing data in UNIX, Linux, and windows OS.
  9. Forensic Toolkit: manufactured by AcessData. It is basically used only by law enforcement.

That data recovery has come of age- from a mere metamorphosed state of recovering the files from a system, to touching complicated corporate networks, and finally the many lives, as the forensics speak.

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