Technology at a Glance

The strangest and most definitive aspect of mankind is likely our aptitude for creating technology. Animals that do not use tools may see things only as they are, but we humans, along with apes and some other animals who have been found to use tools, can behold an object and see not only what it is, but what it could be.

stock photoThis proficiency in technology is likely responsible for our evolution thus far; our physical weakness and lack of strong senses would have condemned us to extinction were our brains not mutated successfully for technological capabilities. That said, we’ve come so far past the point of needing technology to survive day to day that we now need to revise technology to survive from generation to generation.

Unfortunately for we millennials, the baby boomers and those that came before them birthed us into a half baked world scarred by our species’ beginning attempt at industrialization and threatened by the oncoming second and third round of this process. We are over populated and have created bombs that could not only wipe out entire cities, but could do such environmental damage as to ruin ecosystems and the atmosphere to the point that way may cause some species-wide extinctions, including our own. Efforts to recognize and combat global warming are slow-coming and increasingly late. The tipping point is upon us.

So how do we handle this time in history? In a world of ever-increasing distracting temptations and entirely new arenas of virtual life and consumerism, it looks as if technology may act as an obstacle to fixing the problem which it itself caused. That said, there may be no other way to combat climate change and what could be the extinction of our species than to use that very technological mindset that saved us from beastly predators those many years ago; just this time, we’ll need it to save us from ourselves.

technologyNew electrical cars and clean-energy initiatives are surely promising. The rise of the first sexy electric car, the Tesla, seems to connote an attractive and consumer-friendly (as opposed to hippie-friendly) method of fueling the environmental revolution to which we all must contribute in order to survive. Unfortunately for the hippies, their righteous gobbledy gook will turn off the most important and influential listeners and the language of their message will detract from their cause. Musk understood that in order for environmentalism to rise to the mainstream it must harness the energy of the mainstream, that is to say, harness the ideals principal to capitalism and consumerism. At least, that’s likely how it must be done if changes are to be made today.

Changes to be made in five or ten years may need to ascribe to a totally different format; perhaps political action today will allow for environmentalism to take a different form tomorrow. The rise of Bernie Sanders and the angry liberals no longer supportive of a system which caters to the richest and least moral of the country may cause energy debates to be played to a different tune.


Techies Changing the US Elections

President Obama’s winning of the Democratic nomination in 2008 was proof of a game-changer in the political arena that he caught wind of far before his contemporaries: the use of data collection and other technological innovations for political gain. Now as 2016 is upon us, tech is calling the shots in more ways than most people should be comfortable with; social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat have become some of the most direct sources of news for young to middle-aged tech users, and Youtube actually co-hosted the last Democratic debate.

So who’s really pulling the strings in America? Here’s a list of the human tech giants with the most sway:

eric schmidt1. Eric Schmidt

The executive hair of Alphabet (which owns Google), Schmidt has been given a fair amount of credit for Obama’s success. He’s acted as a tech advisor to the president and guided Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns. Silicon Valley and the government tend to cross swords, but Eric Schmidt is an exception to the rule. He may be the only tech titan that doubles as a DC insider, making his lobbying power all the more all-encompassing.

Schmidt’s company Alphabet spends more on lobbying than almost any other company, and he’s been more than willing to support Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

2. Justin McConney

He currently has no affiliated party, but considering this man was Donald Trump’s first directer of new media (and introduced him to Facebook and YouTube), this man clearly has quite the pull over the polls. People have been describing Trump as a web-comments thread in human form, and it’s not a bad description; he’s basically brought the politically incorrect recklessness of more commonly anonymously posted opinions to the political arena as his main weapon. Without McConney, Trump would surely have missed out on the attention he receives today, and perhaps the nominations would be looking very different.

stephanie hannon3. Stephanie Hannon

This current chief technology officer for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign earned her stripes before being brought onboard the Clinton team. She was a directer of product for civic innovation and social impact at Google and helped create Google Maps and Gmail before shifting into politics. She even worked with Facebook briefly. Now she heads a team of Yelp and Google techies in amping up Hillary’s online presence, and has become the first woman to lead a presidential campaign’s tech effort.

4. & 5. Aidan King and David Frederick

These two men don’t have half the money or credentials of the others on the list; 24-year-old King works at a winery in Vermont and 33-year-old Frederick works at Crate & Barrel. Nonetheless, the two changed history simply by starting a reddit forum for Bernie Sanders. The forum not only spread the word about Bernie Sanders, but began to draw donations, which at this point have summed up to over $500,000. Their reddit forum even allowed the two to bring together over 100 Reddit readers, who together coded and built a website on Sanders’ positions, completely free of charge. That’s what grassroots politics looks like in real life.

Spyware; How and Why to Avoid It

Spyware is a kind of malware that secretly resides within a computer’s programs and sends information to its programmer. This information could span from browser history to passwords and login information. Often spyware just acts as a way to release pop ups onto someone’ s computer, but they can be really harmful when they’re used to hack into people’s online bank accounts.

Spyware tends to come along with free software applications that users download to fulfill a purpose totally unrelated to the spyware. The application may function exactly as promised, but the spyware still sneaks in unannounced and begins to send your personal data back to whatever sneaky person, agency or company.

spyThe most benign types of spyware just gather information about your Web surfing habits and then show you ads for products and services that seem to match those habits. Less benign is its ability to turn your computer or email address to what’s called a “zombie system”, meaning it uses your accounts to send spam email to your contacts and even addresses you’ve never accessed. Your system may even be used to store secret data such as the contact and personal information of people you’ve never met. Frighteningly, hackers that have succeeded to implant spyware onto your device may store illegal images there, which could put you at risk for inexplicably possessing those images. If it’s a very sophisticated spyware system, hackers may opt into following your every click and keystroke, actively watching your internet presence and collecting data regarding your logins and bank account.

Not only is spyware threatening, but it is disconcertingly pervasive. A PandaLabs study found that 10 million of its 67 million devices possessed some form of spyware programmed to obtain personal data and that only 35% of all their devices had updated antivirus tools installed. In 2008 alone, personal data retrieval spyware affected more than 3 million people. What’s especially strange about the 2008 statistics is that the second half of 2008 had eight times the amount of spyware infections as the first.

Also disconcerting: spyware is only somewhat illegal. The federal government and several state governments have created legislation that prohibits installing software on a computer without a user’s consent and using spyware to collect personal information, but so long as users agree to the terms and conditions in the EULA where the spyware is specifically described, there’s really no charging the makers of the software for installing the spyware. After all, you implied that it was ok.

There are steps you can take to avoid inadvertently downloading spyware onto your computer: ftotally spiesirst of all, READ THE EULA. Also, keep windows up-to-date by setting up automatic updates via the control panel. This will limit the vulnerability of your device. Download an reputable anti-virus software package and keep it updated. Only download software from reliable providers. Don’t click on any pop-up advertisements for free anti-spyware software. Keep your browser and operating system security level to at least the minimum setting or higher. Install a firewall and use a separate router rather than sharing the internet connection through one of your computers. Stay away from questionable websites. If you see a virus alert appear on your screen, use the task manager to close the window and your browser. Don’t open an email attachment if you’re unsure of its source.

Autonomous Cars Keep Coming

Many of us got our first, abrasive look at the rapidly developing concept of autonomous cars back in 2012, when Bay Area natives were suddenly looking Google’s self-driving cars in the face and finding, disconcertingly, that there was no one there. Just a few years back, only avid tech- and auto- lovers had been following the car’s development into road-ready testing while the rest of us balked at the autonomous cars’ sudden appearance on the streets of San Francisco, the less tech-savvy wondering how they could have possibly missed it when driverless cars became legal.

model sNow the development of autonomous cars is common knowledge and moving forwarding in full force. Just last month Tesla released its most recent Autopilot update for the Model S, which allowed for drivers to set the car’s destination and promptly remove their hands from the wheel (although Tesla engineers discourage doing so). The Autopilot software is so effective that a popular long-distance driving trio used it to drive from Redondo Beach, CA to Manhattan in just over 57 hours. According to the trio, they were able to operate in Autopilot while still navigating at speeds of and exceeding 90 miles per hour.

Abusive, if interesting uses of autonomous driving beg a larger legal question, namely “What are the laws regarding autonomous driving?” The answer is that they largely don’t exist. Within the last five years legislation has been passed in some states allowing fully autonomous cars (Nevada and Florida in 2012, California and Michigan in 2013, Coeur d’Arlene, Idaho in 2014) but in cases like Tesla’s autopilot update it becomes clear that a lot of unprecedented technological advancements are allowed to hit the road simply because there are no laws made against them.

Given that no real laws continue to stand in the way of the development of autonomous cars, enough auto manufacturers have signed up to start developing their own take on the new-age concept that the rest of the manufacturers are scrambling to catch up.

McityFord recently made headlines with its newest stride towards the autonomous automotive future; it has committed to being the first automaker to test its self-driving car at Mcity, a full-size model of an urban environment fabricated by the University of Michigan’s Mobility Transformation Center. Mcity has been created with the diverse roads and cityscapes of any urban environment and has residential and industrial neighborhoods and everything in between.

Ford spokesperson Alan Hall explained, “The key element in testing at Mcity is the fact that you can create situations that our engineers would rarely encounter through public road testing, even with significant time or miles, and then do them over and over and over again, in order to develop and test the way the vehicle will respond.”

“Plus you’re doing it in a safe environment,” he added. However, he explained that for an autonomous car to truly be ready for retail, it had to have experience on the real road too:

“Both public roads and closed testing facilities like Mcity play important roles in our development of autonomous vehicles. They offer unique benefits.”

Coping with the Unimaginable; Your Entire Hard Drive Just Went Belly Up


You’re minding your own business… literally, working at your computer handling your business affairs when suddenly (gasp!) you can’t access the mountains of business and customer data saved on your external hard drive for no apparent reason. Your corporate life flashes before your eyes (including multiple scenes of you accidentally spilling coffee on your hard drive, dropping it on the ground, brushing Cheetos crumbs off of it, etc.) and you consider finally trying to make it as a singer-songwriter.

lady screaming

Don’t do it!

There are people that can help you, and there is some troubleshooting even you can do to potentially save yourself a few hundred bucks on data recovery.


Generally data loss can be attributed to one of two causes. Either you’ve got a software issue, or the problem lies in the hard drive itself. Software problems include issues caused by viruses and malware, accidental deletions, formatting errors and the like. With hardware we’re talking physical damage caused by water exposure, dirt/debris contamination, physically dropping the device, etc. Most of these issues require professional assistance, but there are some things you can try out yourself.


Repeat after me: When dealing with data loss due to software issues, I will never work with the drive in question. This is number one, folks. Every second that the damaged drive is connected to a running system works against your chances at recovering your precious data. Your operating system is in constant communication with your drive, so if it sees free space where you know you saved your niece’s baby pictures, you can count on forgetting how much she looked like every other baby during that precious time of life. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Power off the machine connected to the drive that has suffered data loss. Now that the drive is secure, you can make a copy of the drive and attempt to recover information from the copy. Linux has a drive cloning service, and you can also check out Redo Backup & Recovery.
  2. Scan the clone using recovery programs such as Recuva (free!) or Zero Assumption Recovery ($70 – $200).


Hardware issues can stem from all kinds of damage, so it helps to know a little about the main components of a drive to better understand what might be damaged.

hard drive parts

  • PCB: This is the green circuit board attached to the bottom of the drive. Within it is the main controller. This is the interface that converts 0s and 1s from the platter into data that your computer can actually use and interpret. If you apply power to your drive and hear no noises whatsoever, it’s most likely a PCB issue. If possible, just swap your PCB with one from a matching drive.
  • Platters: Every drive contains one or more thin, disk-like platters. These glass/alloy platters are coated with a magnetic layer and spin rapidly. They contain the media where the data is actually stored. If your drive is spinning up or making clicking noises,  you generally have a platters problem. This is a job for professional data recovery engineers, and it’s imperative that you not apply any further power to the drive or else   risk further data destruction.
  • Head Assembly: Your data is read using a series of read and write heads. These heads never touch the platters directly, but instead remain nanometers above the platters’ surface. There are generally two heads per platter. If these heads are damaged, it can lead to a ‘head crash’ where the heads actually do contact the surface, which is extremely destructive towards your data. If you hear a beeping sound when you power up your drive, you probably have an issue with the heads having become stuck to the platters. The drive needs to be opened up in a lab, so this is another job for the pros.
  • Firmware: The operating system that deals with all your data and the operations required to access it. The firmware is mostly stored on the platters and on the PCB. If your drive sounds normal but is not detected or is detected wrong, you probably have a firmware issue. If you have the well-known firmware bug Seagate 7200.11, there are a lot of DIY solutions you can find just by googling it. If the issue is with a more recent drive, you’ll have to get professionals in on the deal.


Drive malfunctions are no laughing matter, but data recovery is often possible. Don’t freak out, just make sure to turn your drive off immediately upon recognizing an issue and don’t be afraid to bite the bullet and fork some money over to the pro’s- your business could depend on it.

Data Recovery: It’s all because of a loss- of data

The data recovery takes a bit of a serious ramification of it as it is also used in the context of forensic applications, which are related to crime scenarios, and also for the espionage purposes. In an espionage scenario, the data that has to be read or deciphered is hidden in an unknown manner that has to be practically decrypted using various tools. So, even though the data is not damaged or lost, the data recovery process has to follow in its wider implications.

A bit of tweaking here and there required as per the variety of the situation been thrown into in terms of data corruption and the data recovery matter.

Data Recovery Software is the key

As the computer expert lays the stage to get the data recovery process rolling after undergoing the four phases, it is now the onus of the data recovery software to take on the mantle. Until the damage is not of the hardware types that is, no replacement or technical repairing of a hardware part is required, these recovery software is the answer. The very many of them available are:

  1. Bootable: Now, data recovery cannot be only done while the system, Network is still running. So the boot disk, Live CD, or, a Live USB could be used for the needful. Few of them are:
  2. Back track: This is a popular one, as it is also used in the forensic matters. It is a Live CD and avoids tampering the disks.
  3. BartPE:It is a variant of Microsoft Windows XP, albeit the lighter version of it. It can be used in a 32 bit Operating System.
  4. Boot Repair Disk: t is a single click solution for the Linux-based or the Microsoft Windows type Network.
  5. Data Resce3: It is a bootable Mac OS X recovery in a DVD form. It is manufactured by Prosoft Engineering Company and support HFS and HFS+ type of file systems.


  1. Consistency Checkers: CHKDSK: It is for the DOS and Windows systems. Not forgetting the old as we tread to newer waters! The few types known are:
  2. Disk First aid: This is a Disk Consistency Checker for the Mac OS 9 version.
  3. Disk utility: This is the CHKDSK for Mac OS X.
  4. File Recovery: These are CD Rollers types. Few of the types are:
  5. Data Recovery wizard: This is Manufactured by EaseUS. It is used for the recovery of files in a Microsoft Widows environment.
  6. Data Resce PC3: It is a data Recovery utility by Prosoft Engineering.. It is for recovery of files in FAT and NTFS file systems.
  7. Forensics: The various types are:
  8. Encase: A forensic tool by Guidance Software. It is used for imaging and and analyzing data in UNIX, Linux, and windows OS.
  9. Forensic Toolkit: manufactured by AcessData. It is basically used only by law enforcement.

That data recovery has come of age- from a mere metamorphosed state of recovering the files from a system, to touching complicated corporate networks, and finally the many lives, as the forensics speak.

Web Hostings are happening business right now!

Blocking and hiring the website according to the needs and nature of the business type for which the website is being created is called web hosting. When web hosting is done properly, then the website would be ready for online users to access. Creating a website shouldn’t be a problem at once in this current generation. Earlier days when a website needs to be created, entrepreneur would be expected to hire a web hosting professional who would take care of entire things and therefore, the job will be done at last manually.

hosting1However, these days hundreds and thousands of websites are being designed every day. As an online user, you can experience this when you look at the internet sources. The first step of web hosting is to book your domain from the common server with required amount of fee being paid. After booking your domain with desired web address, you can actually start designing your website accordingly through web hosting professions. Web hostings are actually happening business due to increased number of online stores. There are many companies available online global wide for providing services under web hosting. There are even few chances for getting second hand websites which can be modified according to the choice and needs of the current owner. This service is commonly referred as reseller hosting service.

Web hosting working protocol

There are few things which need to be considered while creating a website that include making unique contents, images and videos to promote the website well. Don’t you ever wonder why we need to create a unique content but why not maintain a same content for similar businesses? Well, I can explain why. For instance, if you have a big family with 10 children who are alike in look and behaviours, then how will you identify each one of them?

Maybe the names of these children might make you understand the difference. The same thing is applicable for online business also. There might be thousands of websites available for textile online store. However, if all of them are alike in terms of contents, pictures and quality; how will all be benefitted? Random sales might happen which will end up in meeting the loss by other stores. Competitive spirit is very much interested in making every website more attractive and of high profile with unique contents and images. There are some basic features which need to be includes under web hosting. These include the following:

• Unique content development for the website including text, images, videos, animations, testimonials, etc.
• Booking of right disk space within the server. This is actually described in terms of megabytes.
• Booking of right bandwidth suitable for a business unit.
• Determination of good uptime. This is again dependent on the type of business related to the website.
• Programming languages. Choice of good programming language for writing the script of the website is very important.
• Proper linkage for customer support like live chat platform, phone conversation and email communication should be well maintained, etc.

hosting2Looking into all the above features, web hostings professionals can excel in their career bringing more success to the world of online business.

Avail the services from the reputed hard drive data recovery industry

Hard drives are the most important part of the computer. It store and retrieves all datas and information in the system. Hard drive should be maintained carefully. If anything happens to it, the entire stored items get crashed and deleted. And other things that affect the hard drives are smash up of read/write heads, it may crashed due to the exposure to liquids like coffee, water, battery leakages, condensation and other causes like improper formatting, power fluctuations, corruption of master file table, missing of file allocation table, boot sector missing, hard drive head damage, burnt out chips, BIOS not recognizing the storage files.

data1If anything happens as above said, then you cannot retrieve the stored files from the hard drive. In order to get back all the files you need a better recovery system. The data recovery system will enables you to recover all the files from the crashed hard drive. Sometimes the recovery of data cannot be made easily and it may be a time sensitive one. For this you have to get a support from a reputed data recovery company. One such service provider is Platinum data recovery.

Platinum data recovery provides you a 100% secured data recovery services. They give free diagnostics for your hard drive problems and entirely resolve your data recovery needs. They provide services for hundreds of clients and give their best to them. They work for both the newer clients and also for the regular customers. They provide quick, cheap data recovery services from the beginning of consultation to the recovery specific requirement of the customer. With their experienced and skilled employees, they give best recovery services from all kinds of data crashes occurred in both external and internal media devices.

Platinum data recovery servicer offer specialized services to recover data from the media devices like CD/DVD, flash drives, Zip, Jazz, RAID, and other devices in a confidential and guaranteed way. They offer two types of data recovery services. The provide services for physical hard drive data recovery and logical hard drive data recovery.

Types of recovery process they do

The physical hard drive data recovery is done when there is any damaged occurred to the drive in a direct way or indirect way. It occurs when there is a accumulated trauma, through tampering, botched repairs or any other physical damages. This makes the retrieving process so difficult and there the platinum recovery service provider support with the state of art techniques and tools to recover the data and satisfy your needs. The logical data recovery process is done to recover the hard drive datas from the malwares or viruses or any software interruptions, formatting mistakes or may be due to improper partitions. To recover from such problem, the industry supports you with efficient tools and techniques and also with the 15 years of experience technicians.

data2The reputed data recovery industry work for the manufacturers like Hitachi, Seagate, Western digital, IBM, HP, G-tech, Transcend, Samsung, OWC, Fujitsu and some other top level manufacturing industries. For other information contact the industry without waiting anymore to get your data from the crashed hard drive.

Find Out The Right Software Tool

Hard drive is a tool or a disc which is used in the computer data, to store the details in it. Hard drive is very important for the persons who are working in the field based on computer. That is it may be a software engineer and also the persons who are working in the IT fields, and also in the multinational companies and more. A persons work in these sectors, will complete their work with the help of computers and hard ware disk. Therefore the importance of hard ware disk is very important to those persons.

drive1If those person are very quick to submit their works and are very busy in it, at that time of moment, any lose in the hard ware, will increase their tension and also they are chances for the person to get panic. One cannot think about the loss in their hard ware, it is curious to think. If it happens, there is no way for the working people to recovery the data in it. Here is a good opportunity for those persons, to recovery their data that they have loosed in their hard ware. Whatever it may be, it may be photos, songs, pdf documents, folders, movies, emails, deleted files, lost files, database files and more. One can recover all those above items from our hard ware. This is a great opportunity to the persons. With this software tool, one should need not be feeling fear about the loose in the hard ware. Sometime our hard ware would have been formatted due to some of the technical problem in it. That is the problem may be due to the virus or overload age in the hard ware.

The Best App For Recovery Our Data

There are many reasons for the hard ware to get formatted. Whatever may be the reason one can recover the data in the hard ware. There are many apps available for those persons, who are suffering from the loose of data in the hard ware. By downloading those apps, we can recover the loosed data. We can recover the files from the computer whether we are using windows 8, 7 or XP and more. And also we can recover the data’s in the CD, DVD, and other hard ware. We can also recover the details from the iPod also.

drive2We may also accidently delete a folder; this can be also recovered by the apps. The discovery of hard drive data recovery is very useful to the persons who have lost any data. And also we may saved some of the sweet full memories in the hard ware, if it is loosed we would worry and some may become panic, to avoid all these tensions in our mind, there is an app us to recovery our data in it. We can make use of the platinum data recovery, by downloading it in the internet, make use of it. By these ways we can utilize the data recovery app to rebuilt the smile in our face again and enjoy ourselves with those memories.